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Post pandemic business opportunity with GrapheneCA. Dr. Nano COATINGS For partners and distributors.

antibacterial coatings and paints - Dr. Nano.

Why are disinfection services with Dr. Nano so necessary today?

The 2020 pandemic has claimed numerous victims, brought down the global economy, and made many of your favorite things inaccessible. Restaurants, shopping, cinema, travel, communication - our whole way of life now depends on means of protection. Now that ALL businesses and institutions can open their doors to visitors and customers, the environment must be kept in perfect cleanliness, because deadly viruses can be transmitted through surface contact.

Why is it important to monitor a surface for viruses?

Imagine that you are the owner of a brick-and-mortar business. If you had, on every surface of your store, from the door handle to the ceiling, super durable, washable coatings, which include non-toxic antibacterial active substances that make any surface self-cleaning from microorganisms, could you attract more customers to your business? A safe environment is now a definite competitive advantage, and its maintenance is your task.

How long COVID 19 stays on a surface?

  • Wood for up to a 24 h. 
  • Glass for up to two days. 
  • Stainless steel for up to four days.
  • Plastic for up to four days
    Where COVID 19 areas are at most risk?

    Places such as hair salons, bars, theaters, and churches, pools, and beaches where people congregate closely are higher risk gatherings for coronavirus spread. 
    Indoors, the most dangerous objects are:  door handles, elevator buttons, handrails, handles from grocery carts, bar counters, counters, public toilets, floor coverings.

    - What do we offer?

    Facility management with our starter kit, including a portable laboratory, 15-minute on-site tests, versatile, durable epoxy antimicrobial coatings (Dr. Nano Flooring and Dr. Metal Coating) and acrylic antibacterial paint (Dr.Wall Paint). It may be an opportunity for you to turn the pandemic into a positive for you and your customers.

    - How much it costs and how to pay

    1) Upon signing the contract you will receive:
    • The device for conducting tests
    • Test kits
    • 100 gal of anti-bacterial paint and coating
    • Instructions and promotional materials
    • Training

    2) Three months of the payment free for the rental equipment.

    3) For the fourth month and the next 60 months (5 years) pay 440/mo, at the end of which the equipment becomes yours. ( the first 10 partners will receive a special introductory price of $340/mo.

    - How and how much can you earn (procedure and calculation example)

    1) Offer your services with Dr. Nano test & clean through advertising, personal meetings, social networks, small business owners, and ordinary consumers.

    2) Arrange to conduct surface testing and follow through.
    (you earn from $100 to $230 on testing services and selling a test)

    3) According to the test results, recommend covering the surfaces with a protective coating.
    (calculate and sell the necessary amount of antimicrobial agents,
    Earn from the sale of coverage about $1 per square foot.

    4) You can also provide coating services and other work. (+ $2- $6 per square foot)

    5) You can also sign a contract for periodic testing and service.

    What is the cost of coating and paint?

    - How do I sign up?

    Just fill out the form and we will contact you!

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